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Starting today, I’m starting new. Today I find my family growing closer and closer. My relationship with God getting stronger and my positive thoughts growing. I am happy, blessed and absolutely thankful. 

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Silly little thoughts.: Top 10 Ways To Loose A Girl


  1. Let her go to bed angry or sad while you’re out there getting a nice full nine hours of sleep.
  2. Leave her as an option. Play with her heart and save her for when it doesn’t work out with someone else.
  3. Don’t listen to her point of view. Ignore her and keep on walking around like you’re always…

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Reblog if you’re willing to answer anything that comes to your ask box right now.

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I actually love talking to him.

Like it makes me soo happy! Even if its just like Hi or the conversation is really short. He makes my mood waay better. 

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You remember me at my best, and forget me at my worst.

Some friend you are.

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